SEO Evolution Presentation


SEO Evolution Presentation

03/16/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tactics

It is important to understand the evolution of Search Engines, their algorithms and news in order to stay in business and adapt to changes. SEO has become much more complicated and smart than ever because search engines are constantly trying to improve the user and search experiences. Social media is also playing a major role in this evolution because the algorithms are relying more and more on social engagements like comments and shares, and social presence in general. 

This awesome presentation by Rand Fishkin shares a look on how SEO has been evolving over the past 5 years and how we should optimize our websites in order to get better results. In my opinion slide 33 sums everything up. Great SEO is no longer just keywords and links, it is now about Design, UX design, social media, videos, speed, email marketing, accessibility and much more!


SEO Tactics to Love vs. Leave from Rand Fishkin