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Axelleron is a collaborative productivity platform to streamline and accelerate Pharmaceutical and Biotech teamwork

Content + Collaboration =

Automated content, workflow, and collaboration for winning teams. With Axelleron, your work is mapped out, progress is automatically managed, all of your team's files are organized and stored securely in the cloud, so relevant functional leads in your organization can easily access, contribute, and accomplish

Enable a digital workplace

Stress-free collaboration for your team from anywhere, enabled by an intuitive user experience and flexible workflows, and supported by the security, governance, and compliance needed

Promote visibility and control

Easy management of complicated processes, file access and sharing, effective governance of decision timing and delivery. At the same time, reduced risk of data loss with full visibility and a centralized way to manage content, security, policy, and provisioning

Double down on security

Axelleron storage partners maintain GxP compliance and adherence to industry standards like 21CFR, Part 11. Axelleron will seamlessly integrate with the apps you already know and love, to ensure minimal impact on your organization’s architecture


Axelleron is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, the ultimate hub for teamwork, in order to allow employees to work better, together.


For Pharmaceutical and Biotech Executives

Realize simple management
Oversee your company’s launches with an enterprise-level administrative control and visibility tool

Scale your business the smart way
Enable easy collaboration for the entire company, scaling your key resources

Choose the compliant, secure, and reliable solution
Keep your information secure and your team compliant with robust administrative and access tools

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For Project Managers

Unite your team
Need to get on the same page? Integrate your functional teams around decisions that are fully customizable to meet your team's unique business needs

Take control over your launches
Tag your resources to decisions, share expectations, and save deliverables for easy access anytime, anywhere

Stay informed
Review progress from different teams and collaborate across multiple processes

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For Functional Team Members

Manage your effort
Stay organized, focus on what matters most

Learn on the go
Dive into the details of decisions and pressure test your approach with pre-populated processes and considerations

Progress update with a click
Provide visibility and progress updates on your deliverables with a simple click

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